1Corporate Law

Trust in us as your allies in businesses and investments: We offer counseling and legal practice services for companies, enterprises, corporations and individuals, national and foreign, in the investment process and constitution of new businesses, elaboration and review of commercial contracts, purchase and sale structure of properties, titles and securities, to mention some.
We provide you assistance through our network of offices in the constitution of shelf corporations, standard or with special requirements: corporations, limited liability companies, civil corporations, limited partnerships, liability limited companies, liability limited partnerships as well as private interest foundations in 15 countries for your convenience.

2Tax Law

We keep the tax rights of your corporation or foundation in good standing in relation to international collection, commercial intermediation, treaties to avoid double taxation among other services, handled by our lawyers and tax advisors.

3Administrative Law

We take care of the administrative law with the execution of notarial transactions, registration of public instruments and other procedures related with your corporation or foundation according to the regulations and legislations in the country of your choice.

4Labor Law

We provide you assistance in procedures related with your employees, with the purpose that your business may have an efficient structure in subjects of labor law. We offer a broad range of services such as the elaboration and review of contracts, calculation of benefits, dismissals and other operations.

5Immigration Law

Due to its solid and steady economic growth, Panama has become one of the principal immigration centers in Latin America for foreigners worldwide wishing to invest, develop businesses or be professionals in the Isthmus. We provide you assistance in all the immigration process for obtaining a temporary or permanent visa or residence, which best meets your specific profile. Depending on the recommended concept, factors could vary such as terms of residence, the possibility or not of choosing the Panamanian citizenship, the addition of dependents or family members, and of course the costs and requirements for the procedure, among other aspects..

  • Residency - Friendly Nations

    Citizens of countries with which Panama has certain type of convention or treaty and who may apply: Germany, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, South Korea, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, United States of America, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Holand, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, San Marino, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Uruguay, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, Paraguay, Slovakia, Spain.

  • Residency by Investment

    Applicable to investors depositing a minimum capital stock of $160,000.00 in shares of a macro company or Panamanian corporation; investing as minimum $80,000.00 in reforestation projects authorized by the National Environmental Authority; or for financial solvency opening a minimum fixed-term deposit of $300,000.00. The eligibility requirements and procedures vary.

  • Residency for Foreign Professional

    Foreigners having a job offer in a Panamanian company may apply for this temporary residency for 2 years, being permanent upon renewal, provided they belong within 10% of the foreign personnel in the payroll of said company with a salary equal to or greater than $850.00 per month and the profession not being restricted for the exclusive exercise of Panamanians.

  • Residency for Italian Citizens

    Italian citizens may apply due to a special convention between Panama and Italy offering the possibility of permanently residing in the Isthmus.

  • Residency for Retirees

    Annuitants or retirees wishing to retire in Panama and receiving a lifetime pension from a foreign government, international body or private company of not less than $1,000.00 per month.

  • Permanent Residency for Family Reunification

    We help you reunite with your family members in Panama by means of the procedure of residency of foreigners married with foreign nationals, foreigner dependent of a permanent resident and foreigners with Panamanian children.

6Bank and Finance

Given its leading international banking center, Panama is one of the first investment and financing destinies in Latin America. We are your allies for different services related with bank and finance such as opening of bank accounts (saving, current, fixed term) in banks of different jurisdictions; comprehensive financial advice specifically related to the non-discretionary management of investment portfolios (hand in hand with our allies); investment counseling in the local and international securities market; and others such as statement reports and investment portfolio structuring.

7Constitution of Private Investment Corporations

Thanks to our team of specialist lawyers in the securities market, we constitute private investment corporations and the structuring of private investment mutual funds in Panama. Included is the notice of compliance before the Stock Market Superintendency (SMV, in Spanish) and the annual certification to the SMV as required by the law.


Your legal representation shall be in the experienced hands of our specialists in the area. We shall take care of your interests before the Judicial Body and Arbitrational Courts, in case of: Judicial collection of delinquent customers Different types of controversies: Civil Law, Commercial Law, Banking Law, Family Law, Labor Law, Criminal Law, Insurance and Reinsurance related with Corporations, Trademark Law (oppositions, cancellations, disqualifications, improper use, piracy), related with the construction and the consumer and defense of the competency.


The Republic of Panama, having one of the main merchant marines due to the Panama Canal, offers to foreigners and locals a vessels' registration system which complies with all the requirements related with the administration of vessels, pollution control standards, safety controls, technical criteria and tax matter. We provide assistance in the registration process of vessels and ship mortgages in Panama and several jurisdictions worldwide, in an efficient manner and easy for the client.

10Intellectual Property

We provide solutions in Panama and Latin America, trough our network of correspondents, in the registration of trademarks and renewals, clearance search, management of trademark portfolio, copyrights, trade secrets and patents, elaboration of user licenses, franchise and sub-franchise agreements, as well as legal representation in complaint opposing proceedings, cancellations, action for nullity and improper use..

11Technical Solutions

At par with technological tools incorporated by companies today, we are proud to offer information technology solutions according to the local and international legal standards, offering services such as electronic mail plans, acquisition and hosting of domains, bulk mailers advertise and other specialized solutions.